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The principles that guide this instance are as follows:
  1. We do not tolerate:
    1. Racism or advocation of racism
    2. Sexism or advocation of sexism
    3. Ableism or advocation of ableism
    4. Discrimination against gender and sexual minorities, or advocation thereof
    5. Xenophobic and/or violent nationalism
  2. Seriously, no Nazis, TERFS, or reactionaries.
  3. Access to computers - and anything which might teach you something about the way the world really works - should be unlimited and total.
  4. All information should be free.
  5. Mistrust authority - promote decentralization.
  6. Don't litter other people's data.
  7. Make public data available, protect private data.
-- Code of Conduct last updated on 12th September 2019.

Blocked Content

ghost.cafe blocks some servers, IPs and user agents. You can revise the list of blocked contents here.
ghost.cafe does NOT tolerate hate or fascists. We will defederate with no warning.


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