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my work life is literally just ignoring rollbar emails

Get in the Car, Loser! is now available for free on both Steam and Itch, but the adventure doesn't stop with the base game—for just $10, you can pick up Battle on the Big Boardwalk, a full chapter beach episode full of new content!

It must be hard being a heelflip, always living in the shadow of yhe kikcflip

i have been transmitted a secret image containing the identity of the man responsible for the facebook outage

ridiculous Internet shit 

anyone who is speculating on the fidelity of that guy should have their Internet taken away because they clearly can't interact with online communities in a healthy way

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ridiculous Internet shit 

it's actually so fucked up to turn a 15 second video of a couple into some kind of fun ridicule game

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ridiculous Internet shit 

people projecting their weird shit onto that tiktok couple please stop

Ejaculation is only premature if you don’t believe in destiny

this picture on the wikipedia article for "road rally" is one of the funniest things i have ever seen. just an unbelievably cursed image

in order to ease fears over bee stings, the Met will release an extra 650 bees

lmao another nsw premier down because of literal corruption

Just discovered the phrase HumanOps. Silicon Valley developers have so much to answer for.

every time I need a day off I just tell my work I have Havana syndrome

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