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pov the queen is losing the mandate of heaven

its a sad day to learn that the Queen finally logged on to the big in the sky

@NecroTechno after his Rick and Morty season 6 watch parties he corners Kanye to rant about Tolkien's legacy being ruined

elon is only watching rings of power because he's too annoying to get invited to the billionaire blood orgies

oblivion for the psp was never officially cancelled. im holding out hope

'illegal invocation' sounds a lot cooler than it is

javascript concatenates null to strings as "null" 💀

referring to every first person shooter as a doomlike

I need a Kim Stanley Robinson novel about crypto.


Mulder, spitting cum out of his mouth: "what could be the explanation for this ectoplasm?"

piccolo takes off his cape to reveal a “im not a stepdad, im the dad that stepped up” shirt

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