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border force agents put me through a body scan as "female" and then the pair got confused trying to figure out who was legally meant to pat me down lmao

Rio Tinto: *pulls metals out of the earth evilly*

Overheard in Dangerfield

"I gave them to Eve and it was the worst mistake of my life because Eve sucks... Eve stole my jeans!"


this friday, hell is @prophet_goddess and @ckolderup and @PastaLegion
and KEVIN yelling at me while i try to play MAJOTORI

~> help <~

for a long time I've been considering setting JavaScript to "disable by default"

i know i'm preaching to the choir here but it's actually so fucked that like every single website has like 10 surveillance scripts chucked in the head tag

nobody at this party knows i host my own mastodon instance

handwringing about kink at pride and having an anime icon is a flat circle

Have these people considered not accusing pride attendees of being predators in a moment of extreme anti queer reaction?

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If queer politics had even a hint of revolutionary momentum, I might even think that it was an op.

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I have gotten better at ignoring "the discourse", but the no kink at pride shit gets me literally every single time. I go into an anger fuelled trance and hate scroll through the bad faith arguments until I pass out.


if the tryhards using anom did organised crime the old fashioned way (posting about how to cook amphetamines on airsoft forums) they wouldn't have gotten caught

The agents of demiurge (teenagers working at maccas) have made an attempt on my life (forgotten to include my hash brown with my breakfast order).

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