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i want to make a gingerbread house

but i dont want to eat a gingerbread house

if i were known i would simply not be mortified

it's a pretty bold scam for blockchain people to claim that web3 is populist technology when it's all running on venture capital life support

Using the Millenium Eye to post a post before you even make it

mild body horror 

One of the most vivid nightmares I ever had was getting kidnapped by some doctors and experimented on, waking up and finding out they had turned me into a writhing, fleshy mass, and then going on a monster rampage around my home town. I had this nightmare shortly after I started coming out to people in my life as trans, so make of that what you will.

there's a guy walking up and down the subway car yelling IM VACCINATED BITCH


better late than never it's once again OGRE TIME

let us cling together

~> <~

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