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bro, you gotta watch out for those big ass sand worms, they'll gobble you up bro

the more I learn about the minutiae of computing, the less I'm able to use end user software. not sure if this is normal

OkCupid is much more depressing than Grindr. I will not be budging on this point

all crosswalks should have a mechanism in them that allows them to open up and drop cars that stop in the crosswalk when there's a walk signal to be dropped into a vat of lava

i'm cool, i've been to france, well i havent really been to france but my buddy went there and we got high and he told me the whole thing, basically the same thing, he showed me how they kiss there too (not gay)

The 72% rating for We're the Millers on Rotten Tomatos is going to turn me into a technocrat.


dutton is like the juggernaut of fascist legislature

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if i make a bad post, you can now assume it was by the afp

why are restaurants incapable of having normal or even functional websites?

retroactively changing all my work commit messages to "you're telling me a queer coded this?"

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