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dutton is like the juggernaut of fascist legislature

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if i make a bad post, you can now assume it was by the afp

why are restaurants incapable of having normal or even functional websites?

retroactively changing all my work commit messages to "you're telling me a queer coded this?"

omg the navigator in snatchers is called metal gear

@soft all anime sucks except the ones I really like which I will never publicly defend

in trouble with the mazeowners association for my shifting labyrinth walls

mike rugnetta (formerly of the defunct, amazing pbs idea channel) put out a new video for the first time since idea channel ended in 2017 and it's good

maybe not all media has to be frictionless "wholesome" garbage

the boyfriend dungeon conversation is being conducted by villains

I went to the shopping center last winter and they had the santa chained to a big rock so he couldn't hurt the kids.

i have to change my name in the official register for three different countries

i am going to become the joker

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