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becoming a ransomware operators so cisco talos will refer to me as a privateer in their research papers

It's my birthday, please give me boosts

ugh the signserver docker documentation is so under developed - which is a shame considering how much documentation there is for the regular install

[remembering i have like 25 dollars in bitcoin stuck on my broken laptop] i guess you could say i'm into fintech. you know, crypto, blockchain, investments, portfolios, [date hurriedly gathering bag and coat]

one of my favourite history youtube channels has started playing CKIII

Looking forward to crossing the salt flats and fighting off raiders to get my $40 payout from Cairns Spence St Centrelink.

In the inspirational marshlands you duel Bimbo, your depressed girlfriend.

the fact that Prison Simulator and Academia: School Simulator are basically the same game with a different coat of paint, proves Focault was right in a way that all the master's theses in the world cannot

Complain all day about free speech, but can’t move on with my day if I see gender field on a form allow for non-binary people

Me desiring: Haha fuck yeah!!! Yes!!

Me suffering: Well this fucking sucks. What the fuck.

copper seller, i am going into battle and i need your strongest copper

the first Shrek movie is about fighting back against a totalitarian government engaged in ethnic cleansing and illegal land seizures so it makes sense the Guardian wouldn't like it

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