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computer vision company? oh, you mean defence contractor

starting a podcast about numbers. episode one is about one

defcon? i can interact with feds at home, thanks

when you die in the brisbane queen street mall hungry jacks you die in real life

sorry bro, I'm not going to watch the 4 hour stream from a teenager political streamer you linked me

Converting all my mp3s to flacs for the improved sound quality.

the problem with nintendo starting its battle royale endeavours with tetris 99 is that every other battle royale they make is going to seem worse by comparison because every game is worse than tetris, even games that are better than tetris

elon musk is perhaps the greatest argument against "dudes rock"

got a vaccine appointment invitation... at a medical center in a country i no longer live in lol

one less letter the queen has to write for someone turning 100

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