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I used to be on lithium, now I'm on Mastodon.

degrowth means coupling production with Earth's ecological limits. it's profoundly materialist in that regard. it means then pivoting society towards economic/social/civic structures that *improve the quality of human life* as we work under these reasonable economic/ecological limits

β€œwhite feminism did not change the gendered distribution of labor, it merely outsourced it to black women. Paraphrasing this claim, I argue that when gays and lesbians adopted a gender normative model of homosexuality, they outsourced the deviance status to gender variant individuals” (Katri, 2017) damning tbh

anti-discrimination law w/r/t transness as it's currently pursued threatens to outsource "deviance" once more, to non-passing trans folks, or trans folks without stable employment, or trans PoC, or to GNC people who don't ID as trans, or to non-binary people, or to trans people who can't or don't want to medically transition in one or more ways


love learning about italian desserts on the tl

🌞 β˜• :blobshibesmile: :coffeepot: ✨ πŸŒ‡

Start your day right with SNOUTS! IN THE MORNING with @hyperlink and @jay.

It's just like your favorite morning show, but we're dogs the whole time 🐢

If you have a .org domain name: go renew it now. For the full 10 years.

Registration rights for .org were just bought by a private equity firm. And as part of that contract, the price caps were removed.

Anything in .org will get much more expensive, soon.

A ten year renewal will cost you a bit over a hundred bucks. Which is probably less than one year will cost you in the very near future.

this was either posted by @setup or made for them, either way

Comrade! You are posting bourgeoisie talking points! You are not going to lose your chains!

Gonna get in my cybertruck and cybercry for a cyberwhile

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