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walking is one of the great improvisational forms

when deus ex human revolution has a literal kill switch installed in u to dispose of you when ur an inconvenience, thats not politics, thats just a statement on how transhumanism under capitalism will result in greater control of the working class by the ruling class, you moron, why try to insert politics into it???

video games are apolitical, when dark souls tasks you to use ur humanity to kindle the fires of a dying upper class, ultimately culminating in the choice to set yourself on fire to prolong their golden age or walk away to usher in the age of man, thats not a political statement u dunce

yikes "restarted" my vps but it seems to have just shit itself and now I can't connect

anti union propaganda: the union takes your money and you get nothing in return! you dont need it!

every union worker i know: i would die for my union

its funny to me that people criticize the idea of central planning by saying "how would we know who deserves which job??" as if our current system of employers listing ridiculous job requirements and then lying on your resume to get potential employers to actually notice you and then doing a performative interview with CEO Hobson Dugnutt III who inherited the business from his grandpa is somehow meritocratic and efficient

If this is what it means to be wrong, I don't want to be right.

FACE DOWN ASS UP THAT'S THE WAY I LIKE TO cry about the polar bears there is like 15 left :(

can't wait to die and for all my sns accounts to join the big botnet in the sky

to kiss a mockingbird. its gross. the beak is super hard and they use so much tongue.

hi mastodon!
i'm kc, ace/aro game dev (she/they). i like making cute lgbt+friendly games 💖
you can play them here →

bro you have posted sin! you are going to lose atonement

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