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andrew yang is going to pivot his campaign into a pyramid scheme

Furbys have front-facing eyes, because they are predators

I'm using some software to create a DVD that can be played in a DVD player and its gui is straight out of 2003

Catholic education really overstated how important the profession of shepherdry would be to my every day life.

A Bruh Moment warning has been issued by the Brisbane Bureau of Bruhology today for for people living in Tiaro, Maryborough, and Hervey Bay.

How much space will be freed up once Britain leaves the EU? 

i asked david lynch what he thought of marvel movies and he just talked about the spiritual energies of the sun for ten minutes

Coining the term "picobureaucracy" to describe all the small, ever growing pile of procedures and details people are expected to follow and remember just to get by. For example: picking out a healthcare plan, figuring out taxes, logins and passwords.

if you criticise me you are basically a cop so think about that

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