the problem with nintendo starting its battle royale endeavours with tetris 99 is that every other battle royale they make is going to seem worse by comparison because every game is worse than tetris, even games that are better than tetris

@Laser I once read that he got hired to help rescue Google plus, but they quickly realised that he just stole an already successful message board format and had nothing useful to contribute.

elon musk is perhaps the greatest argument against "dudes rock"

got a vaccine appointment invitation... at a medical center in a country i no longer live in lol

one less letter the queen has to write for someone turning 100

🎵 wake me up, when the discourse ends 🎵

re: parasite(?), phallic imagery, nsfw, i have no idea how to prepare you for this video but it's probably somebody's kink 

@hundredsofdeadrats @Manurweibling apparently its all fake -

Which was honestly a relief to read.


haha highly important immigration emails that go to junk hahaha very cool

mildly nsfw 

@georgespolitzer real ones used the rp servers and role played gay night elf sex

I literally cannot imagine playing MH without wirebug recovery anymore. How did we ever do it?

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