every time i get a covid injection i wish i had spent more time in the past enjoying my #1 hobby, lying on my left side

🫡🫡 this emoji has to be the funniest shit on the planet rn. i love it

@meena @hazelnot honestly, i've also enjoyed the ffs, but the gameplay loop in CT is just immaculate

@hazelnot i've been playing for the first time recently too! i agree, it's fantastic

checking my wallet (bank account) to see the value of my fedcoin (fiat currency)

Tired: "Male Socialisation"
Wired: "British Socialisation"

@NecroTechno ya, the vtuber is goofy as hell, hopefully the girl version is better

@catalina the characters. The animation, fx, etc looked like what I'd expect

had a dream last night that i was going to a party so to impress other guests i was painting a portrait of misato on a tshirt 💀

galpals was rad but a couple of nights out in a row has completely fucked me

steven universe fans actually threw the first brick at stonewall


channelling vampire the masquerade bloodlines for this rave

HEY PALS OUR NEW SINGLE IS OUT :blobrainbow: :blobrainbow: :blobrainbow:

watch 'The Way You Want' on youtube: youtu.be/wynjpMVsEbw

get it on bandcamp: powderpaint.bandcamp.com/track

plus it's also on spotify and all the other places!! we worked really hard on this and are super excited for you to see it :3 thank you SO MUCH for your support :heart_trans:

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