Honestly, the Aus government just cannot help but show their hand when it comes to climate change. The opening statement in the LETS introductory video is "Australia is playing its part in the global challenge to reduce emissions. And in a post pandemic world, a technology not taxes approach that doesn’t compromise energy affordability or reliability is more important than ever."

It's just going to be grants for new export technologies that are masquerading as solutions to the climate catastrophe.

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@NecroTechno coal is our game they cant let it go it makes big money

@skelltan honestly, our export economy makes the Liberal's push for austerity even more insulting. We are in the perfect position for deficit spending, yet it took a global pandemic for the conservatives to raise newstart.

@georgespolitzer proprietary information or tools - it used to refer blueprints and designs, but it mostly refers to software now.

I might get back to you on this for the Australian context though, this is language I've picked up since living in England. I'm not sure if Australia defines export technology in the same way.

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