bring back ten minute long songs

@NecroTechno how about Yes puts out a quarantine album that's 70 minutes and 3 songs long. that'd be epic ftw

@NecroTechno songs just keep getting shorter because its better for pleasing the spotify algorithm and it hurts my soul

@NecroTechno there was a great interview with charli xcx i read where she talks about all the stuff songwriters do to make songs more popular on streaming services and it's some real bleak shit:

@NecroTechno well, i mean, it's real bleak shit if you are an old person who likes long songs and listens to whole albums instead of playlists

which, i am that

@prophet_goddess yeah, i'm just reading now, but it's bumming me out

streaming services aka spotify really hold the keys to the kingdom. can't pay your way onto the release radar or curated playlists? you can get fucked

@NecroTechno yeah. like, i use spotify and i totally get why, it's very convenient and for the amount of new music i listen to it is *vastly* cheaper than buying albums on bandcamp, and a lot of albums, especially pop albums, are *only* available on spotify/apple music

plus since shut down there's no good place to pirate music anymore

i'm glad that bandcamp still exists and is doing well though. it feels like a relic of a past era, but in a good way

@prophet_goddess big agree. i use bandcamp when i want to support specific artists, but spotify is still much more accessible for end users. i feel like as the web is starting to become a bit more balkanised, people are becoming a bit more aware of their online purchasing habits, which has been good for bandcamp

@Gargron this should be the minimum song length imo

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