Which one are you using?

@elthommy wish I could use more Matrix, but I don't have any friend using it

@Ytrezar I have created an account on Matrix but I have also no friend on it xD But I liked the IRC style of the interface. I created the poll in order to decide whether I should invest time on Matrix or if the community is really too small. I can add you if you want on Matrix but I don know yet if I will regularly use it xD

@elthommy @Ytrezar there are more matrix users than xmpp users, but that's meaningless because most of them are on matrix.org since selfhosting is still way too heavy


@trwnh @elthommy @Ytrezar it's ridiculous. I started hosting a home server, but had to shut it down because my vps couldn't handle it without me having to pay for extra processing power

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