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Hey! My partner put together an art activity pack! There are some colouring pages and a big tutorial on how to draw flowers.

And it's free to download on Gumroad:

Check it out :)

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it really fucking sucks how democrats wield reproductive rights as a cudgel to force half the population to live in primal existential fear and fealty and make them support absolute ghouls like joe biden

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i need to record some videos and get angry, might buy a car


Damn, I would be so hot if I started taking hormones.

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For security purposes, Australian's change prime ministers every 6 months and NEVER use the same prime minister in multiple parliaments.

all that posturing about national security but this has done absolutely nothing to challenge bytedance's ability to surveil through tik tok

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And now it looks like Oracle has bought a minority share in Tik Tok and ByteDance will remain the controlling party? lmaoooooo

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hey there are only 3 more days this can be signed, if you're Australian please sign it, it still has less then 1k signatures


there's a formal petition to get facial feminization surgery covered by Medicare in Australia

Please sign if you're an Australian citizen


there are more qanon believers in qld than the rest of australia combined

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and when the dust is settling down, will stand tall, among the void decaying husks of the great instances of the past, unscathed. undying.

starting to think liberal democracies are a little bit better at fending off revolutionary ideologies than monarchies

reading about singaporean wreck and salvage law in preparation for my career pivot

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