Left London 20 hours ago - 9 hours left to Brisbane.

this car broke me the other day, no fuckin logos man. he’s a driver without a flag

italian bottoms 

surveillance capitalism 

The stolen artwork stuff happening on Twitter is the only good thing that ever happened on that site.

Cuddling and kissing a handsome boy in the stairwell mezzanine was a good way to end my date tonight 🥰

according to the lore, yoda can speak normally but chooses not to

How I Defeated Fascism With the Power of Love

by Luigi


Chapter 1: The Power of Love

The first step in my journey was realizing that it is impossible to defeat fascism with the power of love.

Chapter 2: The Power of Incredible Violence

hugh grant in love actually was absolutely a tory

Can't wait to play Half Life Alyx on my labo VR!

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