if you've ever been on a website I don't want anything to do with you, get out of my sight

Trans regrets: not pulling off a spectacular art heist before changing my name and appearance

Just saw some suit use the word "victim blaming" in reference to the response to corporate ransomware.

today I might Buy Debian at Amazon - Debian, Low Price [AD]

Babe, what's wrong? You barely applied your sonic brand testosterone gel.

this shit has me howling. one of the most perfect meme syntheses i've ever seen. truly sublime

it makes me smile every time kenji pops up at the start of his videos

gonna film myself in the dark woods running away from assimilationist transes, call that the blair white project

going to come out at work in a couple of weeks :mario_flop:

Actually so pumped for Fatal Frame on switch.

feeling very defeated 

I feel like a lot more people identify as socialists than they have in a long time, we have a lot more media acknowledging the crimes of the US empire, and all of this is allowed because we are absolutely toothless.

Everyone hates Jeff Bezos but it doesn't matter! There is literally no threat. No one's going to do shit about it. I'm not. I'm going to sit and wait for the chaotic forces of capital to ruin my life beyond repair like everyone else.

I hate tastefully designed colour palettes in games. More games that look like shit please.

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