Listening to ludditecore (Rage Against the Machine)

chop that ass in half like obi wan kenobi

almost 100 years ago the bauhaus school declared uppercase letters to be unnecessary for legibility in design. the original all lowercase posters, absolutely visionary

"Keir Starmer set to wield shadow cabinet reshuffle after local election results woe"

dickhead, how about you cabinet shuffle yourself off the end of a fucking cliff

ahhh riseup smtp auth is down just when i need to test integration

good news: we got a positive visa outcome!
bad news: it's for the failed british state

Corbyn needs to do the right thing and step down as ex leader of the Labour Party.

clicked onto a 2 hour train cab pov video and the poster has liked every single one of the 88 comments left. extremely wholesome

browsing the federated timeline because i am unwell

happy birthday to the all time heavy weight champ

i hate it when my school turns into a massive tower filled with shadow creatures themed after the major arcana. i think that absolutely sucks

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