Comrade! You are posting bourgeoisie talking points! You are not going to lose your chains!

Gonna get in my cybertruck and cybercry for a cyberwhile

Me: Computer, make things less awful
Computer: I don't know how to do that, I'm just a computer
Me: 😮

the internet made me a deviant and i'm better off for it

ironically, he doesn't understand that's it is usually corporate villains and sicko cops who make vehicles that look like that in the media he likes to consume

i feel like that new tesla design is just a further indication of elon musk's delusion of the world. he views the world through the lens of media. only someone who perceives his role in society as an objectivist "great man" to bring the existing reality into line with his sci-fi one would make a car that ugly

kind of wish i had studied something useful at uni to help me push the socialist agenda, instead of doing two ict and maths classes before promptly dropping out

people think you can just become a gamer, ignoring biology

can't wait to enforce the globohomo new world order

communist minions memes i made by editing previously existing ones

walking out of a job interview the moment i discover their dress code isn't even hashed. it exists as a plain text file!

"enjoy having the russians hack your casual Friday!" i shout to a confused receptionist on the way out.


UK friends - contribute to archives! don’t throw away all those terrible election leaflets that come through your door! they’re being collected in Bristol for the whole country ( and in Strathclyde for Scotland (


the frasier episode where niles gets a bird, except it's a fursona

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