the guardian makes me want to post things that will prolong my background check

I just love to sit down on a Sunday afternoon and watch the game *resumes cellular automata simulation*

Just saw a tiktok that described modern American history as capitalism lore.

it's hard knowing you will never achieve the quality of work the yakuza franchise translators do πŸ˜”

example emulator names

for 8-bit micros: The Computulator 4.9x

for sega consoles: sakuraLUCIDITY

for nintendo consoles: Blop

for playstation consoles: PXT2TT4PC4XXL

for xbox consoles: Codename m1ndload presents Operation Durden

Twitter finally got sick of users advertising underneath viral tweets and not getting a share of the revenue.

Game idea: civ game but every node in the tech tree is dishonest about the benefits and introduce insidious elements into your civilisation.

it's high time I got my act together and had some prophetic visions

New Years resolution: get clipped by a London double decker city bus.

How I Met Your Father is the canary in the coal mine; the current trend in movies of only producing remakes and sequels will come for TV too.

Happy to announce that Matrix Resurrections is rad.

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