I need a Kim Stanley Robinson novel about crypto.


Mulder, spitting cum out of his mouth: "what could be the explanation for this ectoplasm?"

piccolo takes off his cape to reveal a “im not a stepdad, im the dad that stepped up” shirt

tiktok really took the worst twitter feature (quote tweet) and built the panopticon around it

the replies to a woman's post??? uh i think you mean my personal showtime at the apollo.

magneto if he could control plastic instead of metal: you have too much microplastic in your blood

anyone know a good place for all day breakfast in taipei? just got off a plane and boy am i hungry

transphobia (?) 

got called an abomination by a preacher today :sobglasses:

Homophobe checking a profile before replying: Hm, it says "Homophobes DNI". Oh, dang. Guess I should just leave them alone.

I normally appreciate GoG's auto update feature, but it fucked up my Vampire the Masquerade save file.

somehow they have blended supercop and detestable nerd into a single personality

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injecting milspeak into every sentence to pretend their cushy office job is anywhere similar in nature to being some kind of army guy

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