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Hey! My partner put together an art activity pack! There are some colouring pages and a big tutorial on how to draw flowers.

And it's free to download on Gumroad:

Check it out :)

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i've stumbled my way into weird capitalist motivational speaking youtube and i don't think i have ever been this angry

foss developers needs to take devops and deployment into account more. having alternatives to proprietary software is great, but not everyone who needs to use your software knows what gnu make is

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they have standards for the web???? then why are they letting you post lmao


made vegan chengdu zhong dumplings for dinner

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incredible find: the wikipedia article on mathematical formalism has the issue tag "the neutrality of the article is disputed"

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feel like some ppl go online and just decide theyre going to be antagonistic to someone on purpose

Sainsbury's took wraps out of the meal deal can I get an f in chat


ketamine in my hydroxy

looking at paul rudd cardboard cutout standees

parrot os has been much nicer to use than kali

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It’s an awful day in the city, and you are a cursed chick.

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(Ocarina of ) TIme to tackle the Forest Temple! :triforce:

Hang out with me at

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It's just going to be grants for new export technologies that are masquerading as solutions to the climate catastrophe.

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Honestly, the Aus government just cannot help but show their hand when it comes to climate change. The opening statement in the LETS introductory video is "Australia is playing its part in the global challenge to reduce emissions. And in a post pandemic world, a technology not taxes approach that doesn’t compromise energy affordability or reliability is more important than ever."

I'm about to post revolutionary larper cringe, but I'm not sure how many lawyers would see the other side of the revolution.

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